Tips to Keep Your Heart in a Healthy Condition

These days, heart diseases and heart attacks are quite common. It is recommended you take the necessary steps to reduce your risk of heart disease or heart attack as it is the most common cause that results in the death of both genders in many countries. To prevent heart disease, you need to follow the below mentioned points.

· Healthy eating habits and active lifestyle
· Keep a watch on your weight
· Control your cholesterol and blood pressure levels
· Quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke
· Consume alcohol only in moderation
· Manage stress

You are at a higher risk of developing a heart disease if you are,

· A man above 45 years of age
· A woman above 55 years of age
· Your brother or father had a heart disease before 55 years of age
· Your sister or mother had a heart disease before 65 years of age

As your age increases, the risk to develop heart diseases and heart attack also increases. The good news is that the development of heart disease is preventable. When people discuss about heart disease, they talk about the coronary heart disease that is also known as coronary artery disease. In fact, this is the most common form of heart disease. When a person has CHD, his or her coronary arteries that carry the blood to the heart become narrow they get blocked. This will happen when the fatty material and cholesterol build up in the coronary arteries. The fat buildup is caused due to the following,

· High blood pressure
· Fat and cholesterol content in the blood
· High blood sugar levels
· Smoking

A person gets a heart attack when there is a sudden block in the blood flow to the heart. This will cause a part of the heart to die if there is no immediate help. It is important to talk to the doctor in case there is sudden tiredness for many days or other health issues such as trouble or pain while breathing.

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