Surprising Effects of Allergy Drugs

A study showed that over the counter allergy drugs reduced the level of hepatitis C virus in affected mice. A drug named chlorcyclizine HCL (CCZ) is presently being tested in chronic patients with hepatitis C. You should be knowing that in Hepatitis C a virus attacks the liver of affected person. People who get affected by Hepatitis C virus develop about 80 % infection in their body. Their body become incapable of getting rid f the virus and the illness becomes chronic. If left untreated it can lead to liver cancer and several other liver problems.

It is estimated that around 185 million people all around the world are affected by chronic Hepatitis C. Today also there is no vaccine to prevent this infection. However, treatments are available for this chronic illness. The only demerit is that the treatment is very expensive. A single medicine can cost thousands of dollars. Scientists are trying to develop a way to find out affordable and effective treatment methods, but no success has been achieved in this field. The researches helped identify multiple allergy relieving antihistamines that also help with antiviral activity.

The drug also inhibited the HCV infection caused in human liver cells. Mice implanted with human liver cells also showed inhibition of HCV infection. That mouse was treated for about 5 to 6 weeks and the virus level was significantly reduced. Steps are taken further to develop an effective method and drug. A vaccine would be best, but no clues are available yet.

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