Genetic Bone Associated Problems

A study revealed that some genetic variants lead to fracture risk in a person and also affects the bone density. This study can help in analyzing new ways through which bone fracture and loss can be prevented. There are around 9 million people around the world affected by Osteoporosis. Genetics is considered to be the primary reason behind it. With age the bone density tends to decrease and poses a major risk for fracture. There are many genetic factors associated with Osteoporosis.

Scientists have been trying since many years to link genetic variants with diseases and traits. Their studies have uncovered many small effects that largely contribute to a bone disorder. In fact some small factors lead to big issues in course of time. An international team of doctors in the UK conducted a study on the role of rare genetic factors in fracture risk. A massive project in which whole genome sequence were obtained. Genome sequencing test were conducted on more than 2800 people. Scientists also gathered the sequence of exomes of more than 3500 people. Then the data was compared from the results from previous studies.

The association between the bone mineral density and genetic variants was hence determined. The results were shocking in many aspects. people never imagined of the possibilities. The team used a mouse model and altered their En1 level which later proved that it plays a major role in bone density level. Study continues to find more possibilities in this field, in 2016 new things might get revealed.

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