Hepatitis C Increases The Chances Of Parkinson’s

The Hepatitis C virus is connected with Parkinson’s disease. A recent study has proved and issues in a medical magazine. The Parkinson’s disease is the common degenerative brain illness next to Alzheimer’s disease. The liver infection caused due to a virus is Hepatitis C.

Chia-Hung Kao, MD is the research author of the recent finding. He told that several factors remained responsible for the growth of Parkinson’s disease. The environmental condition is also a cause of Parkinson’s disease. The study suggested that hepatitis mainly caused because of Hepatitis C virus have chances to increase the Parkinson’s disease. They added that more research is necessary to conclude the result.

Recently, the WHO (World Health Organisation) took a survey and reported that about one hundred and thirty to one hundred fifty million people are affected by Hepatitis C all over the world. Hepatitis C results in serious illness. Most people experience symptoms that they do not know it is caused because of Hepatitis C but live with the virus. It is identified only it leads to serious medical conditions or illness.

The virus is spread in various forms. Some of the common forms it spreads are needle sharing, the health care physician’s needle stick injuries and transmitting at birth because of infected mothers. The study was performed in Taiwan. It was found that blood transfusion remains as the most common reason for virus transfer. In the United States, the donated blood is tested for the Hepatitis C virus. It was in practice till 1992.

The research involved 199,868 patients without hepatitis and 49,967 patients with hepatitis. They were divided into three categories. One category consists of people with Hepatitis B virus, the second category with people affected with Hepatitis C virus and third category consists of people with both Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B virus. They were followed for about twelve years to see whether Parkinson’s disease developed. The researchers controlled the factors like cirrhosis, diabetes, sex and age and found that people having Hepatitis C are at risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. The risk was not evident in people who did not have Hepatitis.

Moreover, people who have both Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B were not affected with Parkinson’s disease. They were below the risk line. The Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare supported the study. Along with them, several health institutions participated and supported the study.

Hepatitis C is a serious medical condition that mainly affects the liver. It is mostly asymptomatic. It can result in cirrhosis. It becomes apparent after several years.

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