Steps that you Should Take to Prevent Skin Cancer

The best possible way to prevent the emergence of skin cancer is to defend your skin from exposure to the sun and other ultraviolet ray sources. In order to protect your skin from exposure to the sun, you should do the following.

· Try to stay in the shade between 10 AM to 4 PM
· Use a sunscreen that has SPF 15 or higher
· Cover your body with long pants or skirt, long sleeves, a hat, and sunglasses

You can also safeguard your skin by preventing indoor tanning.

If you wonder why you should protect your skin, you need to know that protecting your skin today might help in preventing the chances of skin cancer later in your life. Most skin cancer emerges after the age of 50 years. However, the damage to the skin due to the sun can start from the childhood. You need to take necessary steps to prevent the occurrence of skin cancer. These steps will also prevent the following issues, and they are,

· Blotches or spots on the skin
· Damage to your eyes and skin
· Wrinkles

In the U.S., skin cancer is the frequent type of cancer, and there are three major kinds of skin cancer, and these are,

· Melanoma
· Basal cell carcinoma
· Squamous cell carcinoma

Of these three, melanoma is the most hazardous skin cancer type. As skin cancer can be treated when diagnosed in the early stages, it is good to check your skin on a regular basis for new growths such as lumps or moles and changes in the old ones.

The ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the major cause of this type of cancer. The UV radiation also comes from tanning booths, tanning beds, and sunlamps.

People who are at high risk of skin cancer are those with blond or red hair, light colored or white skin with freckles and blue or green eyes. Those who have unusual moles, a family history of melanoma or a large number of moles such as 50 or more are at higher risks of developing the melanoma type of skin cancer.