It is Important to Talk to Your Teen on How to Prevent STDs

Do you have a teen son or daughter? If so, it is highly important to talk to him or her about the prevention of STDs or sexually transmitted diseases even if you think your ten is not sexually active. STDs are diseases that spread from one person to another during sex. These diseases are quite common. Though many STDs are treatable, they result in serious health conditions that cannot be cured. In case, you feel nervous to talk to your teen about sex and related diseases, you are not alone. Of course, it will be tough to begin the topic, but it is important that your teen understands to stay safe. If you want to know how you can start discussing this topic with your teen, these tips will be helpful.

· Think about what you need to say in advance
· Try not to overwhelm your teen with many details at once
· Be honest about your feeling
· Use examples before starting a conversation
· Get ideas from your friends who are also parents of teens
· Talk when you are doing something else

You can take up an STD prevention counseling from your teen’s doctor.

Teens should know accurate information on how to prevent STDs. Those teens whose parents discuss with them about the topic are likely to take healthy choices. Almost half of the youngsters in the age group between 15 and 24 years in the U.S. are affected by STD. Of teens, especially girls are at a greater risk than the adults of developing STDs for various reasons and these are,

· Not known as they need tests to analyze STDs
· Likely to have sex without using a condom
· Have sexual contact with various partners at the same time

You need to tell your teen that complete abstinence is the ideal way to prevent STDs. This means not to have any type of sexual contact be it vaginal, oral, anal or skin to skin contact. Of course, the use of condoms prevents STDs, but it is not sure that teens will use condoms due to ignorance. Get your teen tested with a doctor as it is the best way.

Surprising Effects of Allergy Drugs

A study showed that over the counter allergy drugs reduced the level of hepatitis C virus in affected mice. A drug named chlorcyclizine HCL (CCZ) is presently being tested in chronic patients with hepatitis C. You should be knowing that in Hepatitis C a virus attacks the liver of affected person. People who get affected by Hepatitis C virus develop about 80 % infection in their body. Their body become incapable of getting rid f the virus and the illness becomes chronic. If left untreated it can lead to liver cancer and several other liver problems.

It is estimated that around 185 million people all around the world are affected by chronic Hepatitis C. Today also there is no vaccine to prevent this infection. However, treatments are available for this chronic illness. The only demerit is that the treatment is very expensive. A single medicine can cost thousands of dollars. Scientists are trying to develop a way to find out affordable and effective treatment methods, but no success has been achieved in this field. The researches helped identify multiple allergy relieving antihistamines that also help with antiviral activity.

The drug also inhibited the HCV infection caused in human liver cells. Mice implanted with human liver cells also showed inhibition of HCV infection. That mouse was treated for about 5 to 6 weeks and the virus level was significantly reduced. Steps are taken further to develop an effective method and drug. A vaccine would be best, but no clues are available yet.