Nerve Pathways Repaired By 3D Printing

Recently 3D printing was used to treat damaged rat nerves. It helped produce custom scaffolds which helped the rat improve his walking ability. This study has put some light on the process of making customized scaffolds some day for tissue regeneration. Peripheral nerves are those that spread from our brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body. Damage can be caused to them in various ways. Traumatic injuries, some kind of disease or many other reasons can lead to their damage. Depending on the specific type of injury, treatments are available today for it.

Nerve development is not that simple as it sounds. Many chemical and physical prospects need to be taken in to consideration while developing nerves. Presently the treatment involved taking a certain part of healthy tissue from another part of the body and using it in the place of affected nerve. Harvesting surgery, that is graft is a way limited by size and geometry of nerve. This procedure can lead to several other problems in the host place. Problems can include sensory loss, chronic pain, harmful immune response, etc

A team studying this procedure conducted an experiment on rats. They used 3D light scanning method to prepare a cast of nerves. The conventional imaging technology used can prove to be very helpful in future. Still nothing is sure enough and is not employed on humans yet. With time this process can be checked on humans.